Friends of camp fire cats

This is “blue” and one of our volunteers getting some shut eye at our base camp. Blue was found in the mobile home park that burned down around our base camp building. It was originally a “magazine” room for the mobile home park, what ever that means.
This adorable little face spent over 50 days in the burn zone of the camp fire that destroyed the town of Paradise. He is tiny, sweet, and loves to hide his little face in your elbow when holding him.
This is my boy “jack” that’s what I call him anyway. He is fixed and a total lap cat. As soon as I open his cage he just climbs into my lap for loves and drools. I love all these cats but a few I get to know a little better. He is one of my special guys that can easily be over looked, but I just adore him.
I’m really hoping someone comes forward to get this handsome man soon, he is so obviously someone’s cuddle bug.
Same handsome man as above
This sweet little girl is such a sweet heart and just wants pets, also is totally pocket sized.

This adorable little love muffin has been reunited with his family, it’s hard to tell by the pictures but he had this strange sap like crap stuck on top of his head, kinda looked like brains. We got it out and he is fine.

A happy reunion!!!! This boy(cat) was lost out in the burn zone for almost 50 days and seemed to fend well for himself! So happy to see his people and go home!!!!

This is jack one of our trappers with an enormous cat that was a total love bug.
This cat came in seeming feral, but after a day or two totally came around and is now a total sweetheart .
This guy with the ear tip means that it was part of a TNR program (trap, neuter, release) but that doesn’t mean he isn’t someone’s pet. Some do get adopted into homes or as community cats. We (the group I work with, friends of camp fire cats) are very strong in our convictions that all cats get help and out of this hazardous environment. Meaning that even the Ferals that we trap get fixed and then released back into a healthy environment (barn cat program) and not just released back into this toxic area to keep breeding.
This is one of the cats that roams in our little basecamp, he is a great moral booster, and everyone is working super hard to find his people. We call him smootchies
This guy was reunited with his family and now lives in Colorado, he also peed in my car!
These two are just adorable, they must have been tiny kittens when the fire happened. They got caught in a live animal trap together, that never happens. The little girl did have some burns, but they got this far together. I call them Romeo and Juliet, they have since been separated cause neither is fixed yet and we really don’t need more cats without homes.
This girl cracked me up, such a talker. We called her Cybil after the book. When first caught she tore our trapper jack a new one, and sent him to the hospital with a infected cat bite. Other then that she was as sweet as could be to everyone else. So on a serious note, I grew up in Chico California and had many friends and family in Paradise. I lost my godmother to the fire because she wouldn’t leave her animals behind, and didn’t drive cause she was from Ireland. The impact that this has had on all our communities in Northern California is indescribable, and we are adapting and trying to over come this disaster. I am also a Marine Corp combat veteran who just wants to see the world a better place. So I’m doing my part to help the helpless and bring some light back into this darkness, by saving animals. Thanks for reading this and I hope it that we can keep doing this till all of them critters are safe and loved again.

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