Air Italy Will Fly To Los Angeles & San Francisco - One Mile at a Time

Qatar Airways recently acquired a 49% stake in Air Italy, which has been called Meridiana. This seems to be Qatar Airways' attempt at placing Alitalia out of business (although I doubt that will happen).

Qatar Airways has expansion plans for Air Italy. To begin Qatar Airways leased them a few A330s, but the airline will probably be receiving 787s from Qatar Airways as well, to additional fuel their expansion.

Though their amount of US destinations will double Currently Air Italy's US destinations include New York and Miami.

Air Italy has just announced that they will be launching flights between Milan and Los Angeles and San Francisco as of 2019.

This complements Air Italy's additional longhaul routes, to Bangkok, Delhi, and Mumbai, which generates a linking network.

Air Italy's new Milan to Los Angeles route

The route will function together with the schedule on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, utilizing Airbus A330s:

IG943 Milan into Los Angeles departing 1:00PM coming 4:50PM
IG944 Los Angeles to Milan departing 6:50PM coming 3:55PM (+1 day)

The flight will cover a space of 6,044 miles in each direction, and is obstructed at 12hr50min westbound and eastbound that is 12hr5min.

The route will function together with the schedule on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, using Airbus A330s:

IG937 Milan into San Francisco departing 1:35PM
IG938 San Francisco to Milan departing 7:10PM coming 4:05PM (+1 day)

The flight will cover a space of 5,951 miles in each direction, and is obstructed at 12hr35min westbound and 11hr55min eastbound.

Air Italy has an Superb onboard merchandise 

I reviewed the business class merchandise based on my trip from New York to Milan with them of Air Italy. The challenging product isn't great, as they've slightly angled seats (although the angle is almost not noticeable).

The ceremony, drinks, food, and conveniences, were all top notch. I'd fly them again in a heartbeat, especially if traveling with a companion (due to the configuration).

The very best way to redeem miles on Air Italy is to book. British Airways shows Air Italy award distance online, and the prices for these new routes must be as follows:

  • T
  • 30,000 Avios one-way in market class
  • t
  • 90,000 Avios one-way in business class

The catch is that the company imposed surcharges for Air Italy redemptions increased significantly, and that means you may expect to pay more fees for travel originating in the US.

Be aware that this flight literally just became bookable, and I'm having issues pulling up Air Italy award distance on I imagine that this will resolve itself.

US airlines are going to take serious issue with this

US airlines love to whine about the Gulf carriers. They've even been arguing that Qatar Airways is utilizing Air Italy to make fifth freedom routes in a roundabout way (a belief I disagree with).

They've taken issues with Air Italy's flights into New York and Miami, and you can bet they're going to be complaining big time.

Of course these new routes are fantastic for consumers. These are routes that weren't formerly managed by any airlines, therefore I'm very enthusiastic about this.

US senators just signed a letter regarding Air Italy, therefore the politics should get interesting.

I adore these routes while I'm a massive fan of Air Italy's expansion in overall. New York to Miami and Milan to Milan were routes that other airlines flew that's fantastic, and however Air Italy is offering service in a marketplace for the very first time in a long time.

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