Palace x Polo Ralph Lauren: Highsnob Staff Pick Their Best Pieces

Ahead of tomorrow's large Palace x Polo Ralph Lauren drop, we surveyed the staff here at Highsnobiety to learn their favorite pieces from the group.

Our selections vary from super-hyped pieces like the skate endure sweater and cute Steiff bear into the ultra-luxurious pajama set and loafers. There are a couple regular pieces in there, also, for example, pocket tees and flannel shirt.

Browse our selections below and mind here for everything you need to learn about the collection. After that, let us know what you think of our choices and everything you're seeking to cop at the remarks section down under.

Jian DeLeon, editorial manager

"I got to Polo through stealing my dad's pocket tees, starting in sixth grade. The heather gray with the navy blue embroidered horse along with the navy blue with the red embroidered horse were my favorites. Getting the same colours in the Palace collab versions would be apropos."

Heather Snowden, staff writer

"The skate endure is quite dope and all, but I'll take the yellow tartan pants and pay homage to another bear - and - underrated British style pub - this winter: Rupert."

Nigel Minani, trade content curator

"I'm not sure if Steiff is a significant name out Germany, but pretty much every child in Germany grew up with a Steiff plush creature. I'm 25 and still have mine, so the choice here was pretty straightforward. It's the only bit where the cooperation between Polo and Palace makes sense for me personally. Everything could have easily been pulled off by Polo alone as a heritage collection. Simply saying."

Sanzhar Toxanbayev, editorial assistant

"The most appealing items in my case are the pajama combo and the multicolored loafers. They are something I'd wear in my front lawn while sipping an espresso onto a mahogany chair and flicking through the latest issue of Robb Report."

Chris Danforth, footwear editor

"For me personally, the three skate decks are the highlight. The"POLO" ribbon onto a skate deck is a jarring but super-impactful juxtaposition, and I'd rather hang this skate deck onto my wall than wear any of the alliance on my body - with the exception of maybe the corduroy caps."

Edward Chiu, inventive manager

"Skateboard B."

Fabian Gorsler, footwear staff author

"My pick is that the 100 percent silk pajama bottoms because they are 100 percent silk pajama bottoms. It's the greatest flex because you're styling and profiling while still remaining incredibly comfy. The fact that they comprise a crazy horse print which makes it all better. It's cowboy and it's the future. Grab me in these and a cowboy hat on a Kreuzberg street shortly."

Bianca Giulione, connect music editor

"I totally love the vibrant purple and the subtle patchwork of the shirt. The contrast neon Polo Palace embroidered logo is a wonderful touch."

Anders Kofod Schans, online marketing intern

Ironically, we are seeing a ton of patchwork pieces this year, but this one just happens to have the perfect balance between a'my father is gonna sue you' vibe along with a varial kickflip."

Graeme Campbell, newsroom editor

"Ralph Lauren is the king of the club and this patchwork attempt might be among its wildest ever. It's possible to see Palace's effect here in the bold color combinations. It's almost kaleidoscopic, a bit like prep filtered through a Haçienda nightclub lens. This is just what new collaborations should be about - each team bringing their own sensibility to the table and coming up with something unique."

"I have always been a sucker for the Polo Bear and even had a custom sweater made lately featuring a stencil of the ski endure. It pains me to say it, but I began skating only last summer and, since I'm currently in the middle of learning how to kickflip, this you could not have come at a better time. If I can get my hands on it, it's an instantaneous cop and an instant classic. And, yes, I'm aware it's a heelflip, however, who's gonna be calling it that the heelflip bear?"

In related news, here's the reason why Palace and Ralph Lauren really do belong together. 

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Source: Highsnobiety

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